D2 is a trusted partner of Goodwill of the Great Plains. For over 16 years, they have provided high-quality IT services. They keep our systems and network running securely and productive across dozens of locations.

In addition, D2 helps us use technology to better serve the community. One example is the Goodwill Career Cruiser. D2 helped define, test, and improve technology in the Cruiser, helping us extend our reach in remote service areas.

They also help improve infrastructure. When we switched to a Point-of-Sale system, D2 helped architect, design, debug, and deploy it across 20+ stores.

I'm delighted that D2 is our partner and look forward to many more years together.

Briget Solomon Chief Executive Officer
Goodwill of the Great Plains

It’s been an adventure for the last 10 years. I can’t believe that it has been that long. D2 is part of the BGHFS family. BGHFS is in great shape, compared to 10 years ago, due to D2’s efforts. Our confidence in D2 led to our using their services in lieu of an IT person.

From there we grew a great partnership. We are fortunate to have a company like D2 in Siouxland. We feel comfortable moving forward into today’s cyberspace. We have sensitive client information. D2 has recommended and implemented security measures to help ensure that the client information remains confidential.

We are looking forward to our move to our new facility. D2 is a trusted partner in this project. We’re looking forward to the next 10 years!

Art Silva President & CEO
Boys And Girls Home And Family Services

When I became managing partner of Williams & Company, our contract was with a one-man IT shop. This wasn’t working for our firm of 7 offices and 65 employees. Research, meetings, and much discussion led us to D2.

D2 put a plan together evaluating our IT systems, determining changes, and showed us how to move forward. D2 showed us that, with their numerous and knowledgeable employees, they could provide us with the help we needed, when we needed it, not when someone could “get to it.” D2 became a partner in our business. They wanted us to succeed just like we wanted them to succeed.

If I were looking for an IT company today, I would look to D2. We have depended on, appreciated, and recommended D2 many times over the years.

Dave Radke Retired Managing Partner
Williams & Company P.C.

I’ve worked with the team at D2 for 10 years – a trusted expert in IT to help your company or agency with a thorough assessment. They are a locally owned company in our tri-state area and work across the U.S. remotely as well. Their team is top notch, knowledge is dynamic, service is excellent, and communication is very good! They’ve been a valuable partnership!

Charlotte Nelson Chief Growth Officer
Goodwill of the Great Plains

Tony Olson and his team have consistently demonstrated expertise and dedication in providing IT solutions and support for Boys and Girls Home and Family Services. Their commitment to our success, technical proficiency, and outstanding customer service make them a top choice for any company in need of reliable IT services.

D2 Worldwide continues to be an invaluable partner in enhancing our IT capabilities, and I strongly endorse them to any organization seeking a reliable and proactive IT partner.

Terri Dooley Executive Vice President Of Development
Boys And Girls Home And Family Services

Recently, while working as a contract Chief Financial Officer for one of my customers (name withheld for confidentiality) we experienced a major system crash. It looked like we lost all the financial data. My customer’s then current IT service provider did not have the skills or resources to assist.  I have and continue to work with D2 at other customers of mine so I called D2 to visit about them taking on a new client.  D2, as always, was quick to respond that they would be happy to help and they provided me with an estimate, which I quickly approved.  The D2 crew traveled to my customer’s office, diagnosed the problem, corrected it and recovered ALL financial data within hours and all for a fraction of their original estimate .  As part of my help request I had told D2 that my customer’s server was completely inadequate and needed to be replaced with a server that would handle their growth.  While D2 was onsite fixing the system crash they reviewed my customer’s entire IT system and from that review developed a replacement plan and quote within 48 hours.  I approved the quote and D2 has recently completed the server/IT infrastructure replacement on time and on budget.

D2 is now my customer’s new IT service provider.

David J. Peters CFO

My career has been built in the food industry. I had just sold my food business when a buddy of mine asked me to take-over and clean-up his flailing CE service business. I was available. He needed help. So, I said yes.

There were many problems I had to address. One of the biggest was the IT system. That was a mess. The system was inefficient and regularly crashed. At the same time, we needed to split the business into two separate entities. This was another potential IT nightmare. Finally, there was a vendor that provided inventory control software that was out of date and was requiring me to pay for the update.

I called D2 IT. They listened to my needs. They analyzed the overall situation. Then provided me with an estimate. D2 helped us smoothly and accurately pull the two companies data systems apart. They redesigned our old failing system to meet our specific business needs. They even helped program manage the migration to a new inventory control platform. They did it all on time and on budget.

D2 IT is honest, fair, and fast. They are my IT service provider and technology partner today. D2 helped me turn a liability into an asset while allowing me to focus on the other areas of the business that needed my attention.

Stan Sherman COO
Divvy Services

At Siouxland Community Health Center, I have the privilege of leading our IT department. Our IT staff is made up of technically strong employees. And we work hard to keep up with the pace of technical change. But it would be foolish to think we could be experts at everything. That is why we partner with D2 IT. Their expertise in cybersecurity is a great compliment to our skillset. For the last few years, D2 IT has served as our IT systems auditors/assessors. They help us discover newly developed holes and vulnerabilities. Then consult with us to solve them in an efficient manner. D2 IT always creates a friendly and productive environment. They work to make us successful and serve as a valuable extension to my team. I'm glad D2 IT is our partner.

Brent Culbertson Senior Manager, IT Department
Siouxland Community Health Center